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When it comes to epoxy floor coating, Melbourne has a significant market demand for both commercial and residential purposes. While it was initially primary primarily used in office settings, the demand for epoxy flooring for home has been gradually increasing for a large variety of reasons.

Let us Take a Look at a Few Advantages of Applying an Epoxy Floor Coating


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Once you have applied your epoxy flooring for home, you really don’t need to put any additional effort into maintaining it to make it look good. A simple sweep across or even vacuuming is sufficient for making your epoxy decorative flakes stand out. This is because the resin that is used with the epoxy flooring prevents most contaminants from entering any potential cracks or nooks, which makes maintaining the flooring an extremely easy prospect.


Epoxy floor coating in Melbourne is widely popularised thanks to its ability to last for decades. This is because epoxy flooring involves using a bonding of polymers, that is so tight that it completely prevents any kind of potential damaging contaminants to enter the flooring itself. Furthermore, the coating itself is completely resistant to any kinds of cracks, so even if you drop home tools or kitchen utensils on the floor, your epoxy decorative flakes will not show even the slightest signs of damage thanks to the damage resistant flooring. Of course, a lot of these factors depend on having a reliable flooring expert, who does the application in the first place.

Resistance To Slippage

Terms like polishing and coating might give the wrong impression that epoxy flooring for home is an invitation for slip related accidents. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Despite having a glossy shine, epoxy flooring is completely resistant to any kind of slippage thanks to the complete and comprehensive sealing of the top coating. This essentially means that any spill on the epoxy decorative flakes will just sit on the floor in the form of a puddle, instead of being absorbed into the flooring. This enables you to easily mop up the mess, and just dab the floor to make it dry.  Furthermore, this same slip resistant coating makes epoxy flooring for home a stain free type of flooring, which means that maintaining its aesthetic value is significantly easier than other flooring options.

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One of the reasons behind epoxy floor coating in Melbourne, having a significant amount of demand from the residential sector is thanks to the visual appeal that epoxy decorative flakes, can bring to your home. Epoxy flooring is available in a wide range of colours and styles with an innumerable number of options for customisation. In fact, it is completely possible to have a type of epoxy flooring, that is so unique that it cannot be found anywhere else in the world and cannot be replicated.


As mentioned earlier, the maintenance costs for epoxy flooring for home is extremely low. While the initial cost for applying an epoxy floor coating in Melbourne is a little higher than other floor coating options. The investment soon starts paying for itself when you realise that you now have a type of flooring that does not lose its aesthetic value, sturdiness, or durability for years to come, without you having to do even the bare minimum to maintain the same.

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