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Indoor and Outdoor Concrete Coatings

Since 2009, the team at HCS has been providing quality protective concrete coatings for homes across Melbourne. We take great pride in offering premium concrete coatings at affordable prices. Backed by our stellar customer care and high standards of workmanship, we assure you of an experience unlike any other.

Whether you are bored of the look of your drab and dirty concrete flooring or are looking to protect your garage floor against corrosion and stains, we offer a range of indoor and outdoor concrete coatings to suit your requirements.

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Decorative Concrete Coatings

If you are looking to update your concrete flooring, we offer a range of vibrant, stylish and easy to maintain decorative concrete coatings. Designed for the modern home, our decorative concrete coatings introduce style and character to an otherwise bland environment. Made from safe materials and pocket-friendly, our decorative floor coatings can add unrivalled style, class and personality to your home.

Garage Floor Coatings

HCS can ensure your garage floor is protected against corrosion and stains. Designed to withstand harmful liquids and other substances typically found in a garage, these coatings are resilient and resistant to discolouration and staining. With our reliable, professional and customised garage floor coatings, we can ensure your garage looks great and free from the accumulated presence of toxic products that have leaked/spilled.

Polyurethane Floor Coatings

Our range of polyurethane floor coatings will transform the quality, appeal and condition of your flooring. Whether you have a concrete floor in the living room, kitchen or anywhere else, a polyurethane coating can protect your floor from discolouration and damage caused by daily foot traffic and wear. Available in a high-gloss finish, this coating will retain its appeal for years to come.

Clear Coat Concrete Floor

A clear coat flooring finish renders a clear protective layer on your floor without impeding the view of your textured and stylish concrete floor. Show off the natural colour and texture of your concrete floor while protecting it against daily wear and tear.

Epoxy Flake System

Epoxy flake systems are available in a rage of colours and are ideal for concrete floors in the bathroom, kitchen and garage. The end result looks a lot like granite and will last for years without creating trouble. When you want to add a bit of colour to your space without paying big bucks, an epoxy flake system offers an excellent option.

Benefits of Concrete Coatings

  • Durable – Epoxy coatings and concrete sealers protect your floor against corrosion, wear and staining.
  • Long Lasting – Our chemical and water-resistant sealants provide a protective barrier against hazardous materials that can affect your floor. The coated surface is designed to last for years whilst providing a durable and appealing finish.
  • Stylish – Our floor coatings are offered in a range of colours and clear surfaces. In addition to boasting durability, they look fantastic.

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