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Concrete Grinding and Polishing Services Melbourne

Standout Concrete Grinding & Polishing Services in Melbourne

Is your concrete flooring looking less than? If frequent use has left your concrete flooring in need of a makeover, you can trust the team of concrete flooring experts at Home Concrete Solutions. We specialise in standout concrete flooring, providing you with the polished finish you desire through our careful grinding and polishing service. Years of wear and tear, walking and weather can make a concrete floor look drab, dirty, and unappealing. Our concrete grinding and polishing services produce a polished floor that’s smooth, level and cleans your concrete surfaces to make it look brand new again, adding curb appeal to your property and longer life for your concrete. As most modern buildings and homes are built on concrete slabs, grinding and polishing existing concrete eliminates having to apply new floor coverings and with the right finish you can have an incredible ecofriendly and budget friendly flooring solution.

Polished concrete floors are low maintenance, durable, hard wearing, and easy to keep clean. Polished concrete comes in a range of finishes and can be enhanced with dyes and glosses.

Our step by step Concrete grinding and polishing process:

      • Remove existing coatings
      • Seal cracks and joints with an epoxy or other semi-rigid filler.
      • Grind with grit metal-bonded diamond.
      • Apply a chemical hardener to densify the concrete.
      • Polish with a grit resin-bond diamond, or a combination of the two.


Optional: Apply a stain guard to help protect the polished concrete surface and make it easier to maintain.



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